7 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Time for a ride of your life.

  1. Find a cause that intrigues you or something that ignites a passion within you. (Sometimes ideas come from unexpected places.)
  2. Research about the root of the cause to understand the effects of it thoroughly to know what exactly you are passionate about. (It helps in being convincing in explaining why you started the project.)
  3. Come up with an idea or a solution to the cause.
  4. Develop the idea or solution by yourself or pitch it to get support. (You can get monetary support from investors, friends, and family and technical support from like-minded skilled individuals.)
  5. It doesn’t matter what stage the idea is in, pitch it constantly to public through multiple platforms to get recognition.
  6. Get feedback and improve the idea.
  7. Have faith in your idea.

Good luck on your journey.



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