8 Ways To Remove Mental Blocks

Asking questions that are challenging your beliefs may be one of the ways.

As writers, musicians, or artists create their magical pieces of work every now and then, there will come a time when they get creative blocks. Upon stumbling on these obstacles that are preventing them to continue creating, it can leave them feeling frustrated and hopeless. Fortunately, such feelings have to and can be dissipated simply by redirecting the focus on something else which can lead to inspiration for creations.

However, there will be questions as to what to focus on. Hence, here are some recommendations that can be explored to give a boost to creativity:

1. Go for a walk anywhere. (e.g. park, shopping malls, forest, etc.)

While walking allows the blood to flow better throughout the body than sitting around, it also allows a change to the things that are being exposed to that may inspire some new ideas.

2. Exercise or play sports.

It is obviously a better way to get the blood flowing than walking while, at the same time, takes the mind off the stuckness as the attention is on the exercise or sport.

3. Ask questions that challenge your beliefs.

Often, we get stuck in a predictable way of acting without realizing it. This can be due to certain beliefs that we hold dear to that make certain things to be done in a specific way. In the questioning of those, we can put away the old for a moment and look at the world with a child-like wonder once more. Hence, possibly enhancing our creativity.

4. Chat with someone.

Chatting with someone allows us to bounce off ideas that can spark a new perspective. Be it a family member, a friend, or a passerby on the street, inspirations can come in various ways.

5. Play a game.

Relax with a game of solitaire or candy crush may be a great way to get new ideas for your next creation. Many times, having fun puts us into a playful mood to try new things.

6. Explore others’ contents. (Read books/articles or watch videos)

Examining what others are doing may give ideas that we may not be able to come up with and those may be a base to start building on.

7. Listen to music.

Music often takes us to another place in our imagination that logic may become hard to exist. Being in that place, we are free to explore different combinations of multiple elements to form the creation of ours.

8. Do anything out of routine.

Simply changing our routine can alter many different emotions and bring a new level of awareness that can make us notice possible resources for our work that we may have neglected.

With these 8 suggestions, I do hope it helped anyone who sometimes feels as blocked as I sometimes do.




Exploring different ways of expressions: www.amazon.com/dp/B09X3TPLGD Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.for.expression/

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E For Expression

Exploring different ways of expressions: www.amazon.com/dp/B09X3TPLGD Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.for.expression/

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