“Age Is Just A Number.” Isn’t As Accurate As It May Sound.

It may even be a false positive statement.

Once a while, “Age is just a number.” pops out in age-related conversations to encourage people to focus on other factors rather than their age. It may seem like a word of encouragement, but, it can also easily become a false positive statement.

Age is usually used as an estimate of the physical and mental aspects of living creatures such as motor skills and object identification. Also, identifying significant bodily events such as puberty. However, estimating using age may be increasingly inaccurate as the body approaches death. This is because the maintenance of the body differs among people. Logically, a well-maintained body lives longer and better than an abused body.

At the same time, the environment that the body lives in is also a factor. As the body requires many types of fuel to survive and thrive, the environment plays a large part in providing the necessities. Fuels for the body such as air, water, food, sound, light, sensations, and yet-to-be-knowns come from the living environment.

And, all of these have a direct influence on the internal and external well-being of the body. Hence, if the body stays in a toxic environment for long period, the body will naturally decline faster than when it is in a healthy environment.

Therefore, age may just be the most relevant estimate at the early stages of the development of the body. And, as the body enters the later years, it will be increasingly difficult to predict the exact state of the body by counting the age unless the maintenance and environment are the same for every body.

As such, age is a number that may be a reasonable estimate initially. However, to exactly point out the well-being of the body at different stages of life, an improved measuring tool is needed. And when that happens, age will truly be just a number.




Exploring different ways of expressions: www.amazon.com/dp/B09X3TPLGD Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.for.expression/

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E For Expression

Exploring different ways of expressions: www.amazon.com/dp/B09X3TPLGD Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.for.expression/

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