An Essay Of Justice For Cancer

Humans made up the cancer stats (obviously).

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2 min readDec 13, 2020

Cancer stats are like stock market records. When studied carefully, a pattern is revealed. The pattern is closely related to the lifestyle.

As a result, we may state that different lifestyles can create different cancer potential. If we compare the population having a countryside lifestyle to the population having an urban lifestyle, the difference in cancer occurrence can be obvious.

Similarly, the reaction to the market turbulences is like the reaction to the mention of cancer; irrational. The reaction occurs due to the perceived threat to survival.

In the understanding of the majority’s programmed fears and reactions, formulas can be played to take advantage of those. Thus, commonly, organizations can use those formulas to gain benefits, regardless of escalating those fears and reactions or not.

Despite so, nothing can be changed intentionally without any understanding of the origin, which contains the formula for adjustments. As such, the creation of cancer should be thoroughly understood.

As mentioned by prestigious organizations, cancer is an abnormality of cell growth. However, a perfect human body without any sort of abnormality is yet to be discovered. In other words, every human body contains cancer.

Thus, cancer is simply a norm that has been infused with a close relation to deadly threats. Even though cancer does take lives, it only occurs in minority, just as in any other illnesses. Hence, the emphasis upon it may just be additionally cancerous itself.

Nevertheless, health is important and is the accumulation of lifestyle choices. At the same time, the modern lifestyle can be filled with toxicity. Although the human body can develop immunity to toxicities over time, the human can also be taken over by toxicities. And, the most lethal toxins may not be a tangible thing.

In fact, ideas may be the most lethal toxins that can ever exist to humanity. Ideas are double-edged swords. It can be used to build magnificent empires while massacring an insurmountable number of innocents.

Therefore, the duality effects exist in the instilled idea about cancer. It may raise awareness to cultivate improved healthcare while creating fears, which invoke irrationality, that suggest harmful behaviors.

In spite of that, the ideas about cancer being good or bad are base upon conditions. As such, being fixated on the level of threat based on the ideas created from the cancer stats is similar to the attempt to predict the events of ten years later while not being able to predict the events of tomorrow.

However, certainty can be created if a consistent effort is placed into creating it. Hence, the focus upon the good or bad can make the future predictable. In other words, cancer or not, it is all about how humans desire to make it to be.