Are Our Bodies Shameful?

Clothes Are Not Worn To Cover Anything Shameful

Since hundreds of thousands of years ago, clothes are worn to protect the body from the surroundings. In addition to that, in the recent, it is worn to add on to the beautification of the body. However, it has also been treated as if it is for hiding the body that has been labeled as shameful by the commons, which may be irrational and uncalled for.

In my eyes, the body is a beautiful and meticulous creation which is to be nourished, protected, and adored. Unfortunately, the idea of it being a shame, that it can’t be seen, can easily be imprinted upon the innocents through multiple channels everywhere. It can be experienced even by simply going through our days in the comfort of our home where we are being trained to be clothed or be mocked.

Fortunately, these simple acts of the mind can be altered through understanding the origin & purpose of clothes and the acceptance of the contours & the inner workings of the body. Even though there may be resistance from external influences, clarity will unfogged those illusions. As such, once the unnecessary tag of shame is removed, a gateway will be opened for us to embrace the natural beauty that we all possess.

Therefore, instead of being the shameful ones, these are precious gems to be polished, protected, and admired.




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E For Expression

Exploring different ways of expressions: Instagram:

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