Are You A Victim Or A Master Of Words?

You shouldn’t be a victim of words when you are a master of those.

In a conversation, there is always a possibility of miscommunication due to the different understanding of words. This is due to the fact that a word can have multiple meanings attached to it; for example, the word ‘meaning’ has multiple meanings to it.

However, it can be interpreted according to the conditions set or the meanings that we have attached to the words. In other words, since we are the ones who attached the meanings to those, we can definitely change the meanings of the words by attaching different meanings to those.

When we are lost for words, we can change the meaning of the words that are written or spoken by setting conditions instead of trying to find alternate words to use; just like feeling extremely happy in the replacement of feelings of ecstasy or being ecstatic.

In an instance where two words of similar meaning, like ‘fabulous’ & ‘wonderful’, are used in the same context, different readers of those words may have different levels of emotional reaction to those. This effect may be due to the different meanings that different readers attach to the words that may be based on past experiences, the way the words are processed, or due to certain magical qualities that resides in the words. Therefore, adjusting the attachment of experiences to the words may be done to change the effects of / reactions to the words.

Since the beginning of communication, it seems that the way that we communicate is through symbols & tones that are arranged in specific arrangements when written and/or spoken to invoke meanings that we have attached to those, which is how languages & words work. For example; in the English language, alphabets are basically symbols, which we arrange to form specific meanings in the form of words for readers to understand our perspectives. In a similar fashion, spoken words are arranged in different tones of specific orders for the listener to understand the orator.

Noticing that we are the ones who are doing the arrangements and attaching the meanings to the words, we are in control of what kind of expression that the words bring. Simply put, we can choose our experiences to experience from the words by choosing what we attach to the words and, concurrently, choose what to express to the world based on the choice of words & the arrangement of the words. In other words, we are the ones that give lives to the words that we read, write & speak, and not the other way round.



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