Are You Irreplaceable Or Replaceable?

Yes, you are both.

The public image, that is shown to the world consists of investments of time, efforts, and money that are put into it can be understood as either a form of self-expression or makeup to, hopefully, manipulate the perception that is being cast upon it. With the number of investments put into creating it, the fear of losing it may be concurrently created & accumulated.

As a humanly perceived acceptable public image follows a certain set of criteria, anyone can easily create the same image like the others. However, the image that is required to be recognized as a prestige status official requires many investments to create it. At the same time, as there is a formula to it, every interested individual can still create it. Hence, the only competition is about the speed of the creation & maintenance of it.

Once kicked off on this race, the bailing out of it requires the letting go of all the investments that are put into it. Which in turn, keeps some of the participants stuck inside it due to their reluctance of letting all the investments go in vain. Unfortunately, on the opposite, more investments are dumped into it in hope of catching up with the others, which often ends up in nothing but losses; similar to a gambler putting more money into a jackpot machine in hope of getting back the money that was lost previously.

Images that are solely created for recognition can easily fall apart and replaced by other better ones. In other words, once a better image is created by a new individual, the previous individual will be redundant and replaced by the new. In this game where every gamer is fighting to either become the top or keep their position, survival will seemly be constantly threatened. Rather than staying in a constant state of looking out for danger by keeping a replaceable image, keeping an irreplaceable and valuable image in comfort may be a better alternative.

Luckily, there is an image upon each of us that has always been unique and worthful, yet, often forgotten. Even though there is negligence that made us look for signs to follow that may misdirect us away from the desired comfort that we already have, we often still end up being reminded of it through seemly miraculous ways.

While being in our own skin, none can replace our projection to the world as it is authentically made up of experiences that none other than us can comprehend totally. Also, the unique combination of skill sets and ideas is just incomparable to any others; just like a comparison between a nail and a screw; each has its own special use under varying conditions. Therefore, our positions in this world are naturally secured for we are simply irreplaceable.



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