Does Determinism Of Life Really Matter?

The answer is not much.

E For Expression
2 min readAug 8, 2020

The intriguing discussion about the determinism of reality often provokes us into thinking how possible that we may be existing without a tad of control of the situations we may end up in. Despite so, it doesn’t usually stop us from trying to find out the seemly undiscoverable truth of the matter. Luckily, it may even be unnecessary to do so besides the entertainment that it may provide.

Incidentally, if the sequence of events is treated as predetermined by external forces such as astrology, higher power, the creator, god, source, the universe, etc, we become helpless victims of circumstances that are seemingly beyond our control. Also, the feeling of being rendered powerless may be part of the plan too.

Concurrently, if the sequence of events is treated as an orchestration by us, who may be beyond the body that we use, while the body simply being a feedback tool for fine-tuning of the events, we become the main character in control of the unfoldment of the story. At the same time, able to choose how we feel at any point in time.

However, regardless of what or who orchestrated the events, the feeling in regards to the occurrences seems to be the most important aspect as the feelings of goodness may just be the thing that we are constantly looking for. Even in the seemingly worst situations, we may still be able to control the way we feel through putting our attention on things that create feelings that make the situations seem better than most of us perceived.

Despite that it may seem unrealistic to be unaffected by situations, little do we know that many of us, sometimes, give our attention to unnecessarily scary things in the most favorable situations. In doing so, the situations ended up worse in our minds than it is in actuality.

Therefore, as what we desire is the feeling of goodness in this existing experience and we can control how to feel regardless of situations, we have the power to make the best out of our lives even during the, sometimes, seemly inevitable sequences of events instead of letting grieves and despairs deny many parts of our life experiences. Hence, in my opinion, the determinism of life doesn’t matter much as certain parts of life are within our determination that can make us mostly invulnerable to unforeseen and upsetting circumstances.