Everyone’s Time Has A Price Tag

Imagine a world where each person’s time is priced…

When two people agreed to meet each other, they exchange each other’s time to meet each other. But, for those who didn’t exchange the same amount of time is agreed upon is required to pay an amount of money to the other person according to the time used by the other person. As such, people may appear to be more respectful of others’ time or be more truthful in their choice.

However, even though the message of this idea may get across, this idea can easily become a fear-based one as it plays on the idea of penalty. In the fear of penalty, it may just end up being pretentious on one or both parts as it is similar to acting in a certain way to appear kind but feeling hateful about the action. Unfortunately, pretentiousness is commonly and constantly being practiced and, unintentionally, preached instead of truthfulness in current times. Therefore, an introduction to another fear-based idea most probably wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Even so, it doesn’t stop anyone from trying to improve the world through plausible ideas that some of us can agree upon. Hence, despite the contradictions between different ideas, there is a continuous widespread of multiple religions/beliefs. Luckily, all of which are in the core having the intention to benefit everyone. Therefore, regardless of which group that we partake in, what’s truly important is that we keep in mind the intent of the creation of such ideas and not let the difference of ideas sway us from our intent.



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