‘Facing Reality’ Is NOT About Acceptance Anymore. It Has Become…

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An Excuse.

It has become a common, subtle way of saying:
“I am powerless to do anything about what is happening.”.

Through the inescapable passage of time,
passed down from our unknown ancestors like an heredity gift,
‘face reality’ or ‘accept reality’ may have become a household saying.

While it may be realistic to observe what is happening before making any decisions, it shouldn’t be an excuse to cling onto what’s happening and support it.

Well, I was told so.
But, I felt odd about the comment.
And, I thought:

If I resides in my body,
and only my body interacts with the world,
my reality is what my body tells me.

And, if all bodies have different numbers and position of working receptors,
similar to the difference between a myopic person and a hyperopic person,
all bodies are experiencing the world differently.
Then, reality is an ambiguous thing.

even if all is experiencing the same thing,
we have the power to change any situations with our choices.

if the world is under the rule of tyranny,
and the majority agrees that it is impossible to remove it,
the minority,
who wants and is working to make it possible,
naturally appears as if they are dreaming,
not facing reality.

what’s happening is that the minority accepted the reality,
which can be transformed with their choices,
and decided to change it.

As for the majority,
they chose to conform to how things have been.
As a result,
the continuation of tyranny gets supported,
by the majority,

As such,
when encountering distressing situations,

If an unpleasant reality is that which is happening,
choice is within our hands as to whether allow it to continue or create a new reality,
instead of just
facing reality’.



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