How Much Are We Worth?

Networks & achievements do not equate your worth…

Often, it is easy to mistake one’s network as one’s net worth.
However, it may not be exactly the case.

From my point of view, the worth of one shouldn’t be measured only off the achievements, material possessions & networks but one’s ability to provide value to oneself and the surroundings.
The idea is that oneself is not directly connected to the surrounding objects and those aren’t part of the self.

If we break down the physical value of the body, it is simply a combination of multiple elements that may just worth a few bucks.
Despite that, humans are certainly not to be measured just by their bodies as there are many dimensions to them.

Looking around the world, it is obvious that the abilities of humans are incredible.
From a plain field, it can be made into multiple infrastructures which seems similar to the transmutation of something plain into something of value.
So how can we actually gauge the value of a single human being?

One of the common ways that are being used to quantify the value of each human is tagging monetary value to humans.
Unfortunately, this way of weighting the value can easily be misunderstood.

As having a high monetary value can be assumed as being exceptionally good at making money, it can mislead us to think that human only needs to know is how to earn money and other qualities are unnecessary.
If we carry this misunderstanding with us, we can easily become similar to that of a robot as a robot can easily adopt the high-level working skills necessary to generate income.
Then, what will become of humans when all these skills are replaced by robots?

Humans encompass many qualities that make them humane.
Hence, to measure the value of a human may just require an investigation on every part of the human aspect that a human embraces.
In short, the value may be the potential of what a human can provide for himself/herself and others.



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