How Should We Give Up Control?

E For Expression
2 min readSep 7, 2020

Giving up is simple only when we understand what we are holding onto.

Once in a while, we will feel like giving up on living as nothing seems to be working out for us. However, the exact thing, that made us feel like giving up, is the forceful control of ourselves to make us live like somebody else unwillingly. Therefore, there is no need to give up on living and the need is to give up on controlling things that disempower us.

Nevertheless, it can be a scary idea as we are used to being in the pilot seat for the most part of our lives. Without control, our primal instincts will naturally assume that harmful things that are beyond our imagination will happen and will do it’s best to prevent it. Fortunately, we have already done enough preparation to be shielded from most dangers.

Incidentally, from what I have learned, giving up is, also, to let things that are beyond our control run its course while doing our best that we could on things that we can control. Even though it is simple, the differentiation of the two can be muddled. However, with our natural decerning abilities, that shouldn’t stop us from doing so.

In fact, all of us can easily understand the difference between the internal part of us and the external part of us. At the same time, we can quickly estimate the amount effort required to change each individual things. In other words, we have all the capabilities required to discern the harms from the harmless.

Therefore, as we identify the root of which that we cling onto, we can free ourselves of the redundant baggages that distract us from things that matter to us. At the same time, the retrieved freedom will propel us towards our hearts desire that carries our empowerment. Thus, the focus will no longer be giving up on life, but, be on living a fulfilling life.