How Your Thoughts Creating Your Reality (Explained In Terms Of Energy)

An simplified explanation of how we create our reality.

From the famous ‘E=MC²’ formula by Albert Eistein, we can explain that everything is basically made of energy. Since everything is made of energy, from tables & chairs to sunlight & oxygen that we breath, our thoughts are energy too.

As thoughts are what we can control and that those are energy, we are actually manipulating energy simply by thinking. It has been tested that our brain emits a different amount of energy when we have different thoughts. This leads to the idea of our thoughts creating our reality.

Since air and water are made of energy, it seems reasonable to state that they are in different forms of energy. It can also be stated that somethings are in denser forms than the others; like a chair is a denser form of energy than sunlight. If a chair is of denser form than sunlight, it can also be reasoned that the chair is more energetically accumulated and/or concentrated than sunlight.

When we think about a certain subject for a long period of time, a certain form of energy is emitted constantly for that period of time. As time passes, more of that energy is being accumulated in the surrounding regarding the subject. Hence, the longer we ponder on the subject, the more energy is accumulated regarding the subject.

Eventually, once the energy accumulated is dense enough regarding the subject, then, the subject may magically poof into reality. Therefore, the idea of thoughts creating reality.

Far fetched as it may seem, however, reality may be much more absurd than what we currently know of. With the evermore discoveries everyday, the chances of whatever that we think we know being obsoleted is constantly increasing.

It was once thought by some that light acts only like a wave until someone concentrated his thoughts into finding a dual nature to it. It was also thought by some that it is impossible for end to end communication without a wire, yet, the deliberate thought to make it possible made it into a daily hard-to-do without thing.

Hence, the absurdity of the idea doesn’t prove the non-existence of the idea, but, the denial of the possibility may just prove to oneself the impossibility of it; just as thoughts create reality.

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