Is The End Of Hierarchy Near?

Triangular systems may eventually be replaced with circular systems.

Currently, our social systems are run in the form of a triangle where the top of the systems is the minorities with power over the rest of the systems. However, concurrently, the recent developments of technology may have been giving many hints of how these triangular systems will soon be reduced or removed.

In the past when there are no freely available & accessible information & tools, people have not much knowledge of where to get important resources. So, they have not many choices, and relying mostly on authorities who have access is the most convenient.

As with the pros and cons of all things, the cons of reliance renders the majority powerless in making many decisions due to the lack of information & tools. Willing or not, at the mercy of the authorities, they have to provide what the authorities wanted to attain the precious information & tools that they needed. As such, the triangular systems are being formed with the authorities on the top and the rest at the bottom.

Fortunately, in this era, times have changed to the point where the internet has opened the doorway to free information and tools that are once withheld or inaccessible to everyone. Now, resources can be tapped into with just a few clicks on an electronic mouse. As a result, the majority is retrieving back the power to make well-informed decisions for their livelihood.

With such accessibility, some have started to break away from the old triangular systems and remake themselves into individual entities that are separated from groups controlled by authorities. Intentionally or not, these pioneers have set examples that prove the possibility to attain the freedom that everyone deserves.

Nevertheless, social media platforms have kept us much more connected than before. Hence, anyone can communicate with anyone one’s ideas and knowledge at almost anytime and anywhere. At the same time, this has reduced the amount of control of the authorities over the others. With the leveled playing field, everyone can now be seen as a sole entity working with one another instead of working under an entity.

Therefore, in my opinion, eventually, the future systems will work as each person or entity collaborating with another instead of dominating one another. Similar to how blockchains functions, none will have total control over the whole system while everyone contributes equally to the system’s functions. Hence, it will like a network of circles connecting to one another which, for now, I perceived as the circular system.



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