Life of a Human


Once upon a time, life has always been joyous and free. In the waking day, the singing of the birds can be heard; the sensation of the gentle warm breeze can be felt; the mesmerizing glitters of the majestic lake can be admired. Under the shine of the moon, hidden mysteries of the world will be uncovered; sparkles of stars will be dancing above the flames; the crickets will chirp as if in advance celebration of dawning a new day. However, fairytales only last as long as the pages of the book.

Upon immersing in the sea of distortion for less than eons, the unconsciously planted seed eventually sprouts into vines of veils that engulfs the body into blindness from the stream of divinity. Unknowingly, the victims slowly become nonchalant to the ever-evolving body of existence and narrow the vision to the size of a peephole. Torment it is, for themselves to be dragged into the system of predictable sequences of events recurring endlessly in this seemingly hopeless cycle.

After being contained in darkness for a lost amount of time, even a glimpse of light becomes blinding and terrifying to be exposed to. However, this hint of glimmering hope becomes a temptation to break away from the abyss. Once caught on, courage slowly emerges unexpectedly from within the buried heart. Then, the adventurous journey back into rainbows & sunshine begins. Despite the turbulence from the resistance of transition, the raging passion for the escape continues to grow. Eventually, cracking and breaking the shell of the invisible restrain; birthing to a bright new life.



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