Like Father, Like Son…Not Really.

It is all about following examples while growing up.

Ever seen full-grown adults throwing temper and tantrums because things didn’t go their way?

Ever seen full-grown adults lying/cheating just to get the things that they want?

These behaviors can be linked to the ways that they have been treated when they were children.

Children mimic and learn more from the examples of the behaviors of the people around them than the rules and regulations placed upon them.

If the people set rules but didn’t follow the rules, the children will do the same too when they observed it.

If the people throw temper just to get the things from the children, the children will similarly throw tantrums when trying to get the things they wanted too.

This is due to the survival instincts of the children. In the initial life stages, children learn to survive by observing how people around behave. As people showed the children that the behaviors performed can yield a desirable result, the children will mimic it. Hence, after a period of mimicking, it becomes habitual and will be seemingly natural when in adulthood.

Until a conscious effort is made to replace those habits, it will seem like everything is in-born or heredity. Even though everyone seems to have certain inborn behavior tendencies, those can be enhanced or reduced consciously.

Therefore, regardless of how anyone behaves, it is often cultivation to ensure survival. Hence, such behaviors can be seen as necessary for circumstances in someone else's life that we may or may not experience. In other words, through understanding, it may still be unacceptable, but, we can be more compassionate to another human of different life experiences.




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