My Thoughts On Generation ‘Curses’

We may have the key to breaking it.

Often, we are fed information on how our ancestors & family genes can affect us in multiple ways. However, it is puzzling to as to the lack of information on why is that so and, yet, it is just accepted as the way that it is stated by some authority. It may have been proven that the theory works, but, as to how exactly it is being passed on from one to another is simply imagination.

Therefore, since nothing is set in stones, there is another hypothesis that may spark some interest and explain the cause of the issues that are being faced by generations after generations from the same bloodline.

As ‘what we think, we become’, the way of thinking that is being passed from generation to generation plays a big role in how life will be for future generations. The idea works on the theory that everything vibrates.

Since everything is vibrating, whatever we think about should have a vibration too. If so, like a tone vibrates through the piano when a key is hit; a thought may create a vibration through the body when thought upon.

Hence, similar to when we wear a brace, the body molds itself to the brace over some time; the body may molds itself to the consistent vibration that is throughout the body if a thought is held over some time.

So, if a positive thought creates a beneficial vibration throughout the body consistently, the body may just adjust itself to stay or become healthy (or a certain state of well being).

As for negative thought, the body adjusts to itself to a harmful vibration that may create or succumb to illnesses and ailments.

Therefore, what is thought about consistently can be beneficial or detrimental to the body which leads to the issues that were passed on the ancestors. In a bloodline, often, the parents enforce certain ideas upon the children once the children are born. These ideas shape the way that the children think right after birth and into adulthood.

In the experiences of the children, they observed how the ideas are being proven by the parents time and time again, which then makes the children accept the ideas as their own. Hence, the way that the children think will consistently be aligned with the ideas. So, while holding these thoughts, the bodies of the children will then be shaped in a similar manner as the parents and ancestors.

Therefore, issues that the ancestors faced also surfaces upon the children due to the same way of thinking, which leads to the children eventually imparting the same ideas to the future generations. This may just be another way as to how gene inheritance disorders may come about.

As to breaking these ‘curses’, one of the family members may have to change the conventional way of thinking of the family. Once the way changes, the body adheres to its new clothes and release its shackles of the past. Therefore, the bloodline will no longer be a slave to these generation ‘curses’.



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