Manifest Your Dreams Using Imagination Or?

Imagination or visualization may not be the only tool.

In the midst of searching for a way to succeed, manifestation techniques often pop out to us out of nowhere in the form of books, articles, or speeches. It is as if we are already able to manifest without even learning about manifestation techniques. In this era, there are multiple easily accessible techniques that are taught by numerous teachers, but, one of the common ones is about using visualization or imagination to manifest the desire. However, how do we prove that it is working and it is not just our imagination?

Imagination Is A Tool

Using imagination to manifest your desires is similar to that of using a can opener to open a can of peanuts to get the peanuts. However, a can opener can be anything that is able to be used to open the can; like a knife or sharp stone can be treated as a can opener when used skillfully. Many took this idea of using imagination to manifest and spread it around for it seems to have worked for them. But, as to how imagination can create reality, it is something that may be beyond our understanding.

Passing on such information without in-depth understanding is similar to that of hitting a jackpot, then, recounting what you did that may have made you hit the jackpot and, afterward, spreading the idea of doing the thing that you did before that is able to make you hit the jackpot. If it’s not the case when it happened only once, it can also be cases of usage of unconventional tools to get the things of desire which may not work for everyone else; just as not everyone knows how to use a stone to open a can even though it is possible.

Despite not able to exactly pinpoint how the imagination creates the desired reality, there are various reasonable explanations that can be acceptable to us. One of which explains the manifestation of imagination through the concept of energy. With the idea of everything being energy, be it tangible or not, things may be explained as accumulated & concentrated energy on a specific area or point.

Manifestation Based On The Idea Of Energy

As we think, we create energetic signals of the thought around our surroundings as brainwaves are generated & emitted when we think. Imagining can be said to be having a high amount of focus on the thought which creates strong signals regarding the thought. As the signals become stronger, the more energy is accumulated. Therefore, in the event when enough energy is accumulated & concentrated, the thing of desire poofs into reality hypothetically.

Another technique, which is quite popular, is the use of feelings & emotions to manifest. This is due to an idea of the human heart being much more powerful than the human brain due to the electromagnetic wave that the heart is able to output compared to the brain. As a high amount of energy is sent out by the heart, the manifestation will come into fulfillment much faster than using solely the imagination. Hence, after the two techniques are discussed, the obvious best formula will be to use both imagination, feelings & emotions for manifesting the desire.

Our Conviction is The Most Important

Nevertheless, no matter what kind of explanation that we can come up with to give a concept to cling on, there are always possibilities of it being not exactly the way that it is; just as explained in one of the articles about the possibility of an ever-changing conclusion that we make in our experiences. That isn’t to state that techniques are unreliable or not, but, to state the need to convince ourselves as to why & how to use it best in our favor instead of mimic-ing whatever that is present which may be based off a non-grounded idea.

In the totality of conviction, we can immerse ourselves wholeheartedly into the experiences of whether or not the manifestation technique works. After all, enjoyment doesn’t necessarily need to be just about getting our desires as it can be just as enjoyable when we participate fully in our convicted reality.



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