Maturity Based On Age Or No. Of Reincarnations?

Your physicality may only be a shell to your maturity level.

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

If there is reincarnation, the measure of maturity can be based on the number of reincarnations instead of on age since the measurement of maturity is usually and casually based on the amount of time in existence. However, there will still be flaws in this method of measurement. Just as being 50 years of age while understanding one thing about existence doesn’t make one more or less mature than a 21 years of age understanding one or more about existence, having lived 10 lives doesn’t necessarily mean more or less maturity than another having lived 3 lives.

Also, the physical body does limits the maturity to a certain extent as the body chemistry sometimes messes with the person, which make age a decent indicator to some extent. At the same time, there is a chance of reincarnation being false and the possibility of individuals existing across multiple dimensions concurrently or something else being true.

Nevertheless, even though there is no answer on my part as to how the measurement can be improved, my hope is that the generations to come will be much understood or, at least, given much proper respect regardless of age and not be forcefully instilled with ideas that are unnoticeably no longer beneficial or even harmful to them in the upcoming era.




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