Medium Is For Mediums *For The Open Minded*

Unless you are only reading…*may be triggering*

“A medium-rare medium steak served on a medium plate to a medium height guest wearing a pair of medium-sized shoes.”.
Written by a medium’s writer in medium.

‘Medium’ can also be used as a word to describe a channel for information sharing just as a website, (e.g. medium), platform, app, etc. and even human…
Yes, humans.

Sometimes humans with otherworldly abilities, who are called psychics, use themselves as mediums for channeling information from the world most of us know not of.
As compared to them, we definitely do not know how to do so.
Or……do we?

Doorway To Information

Creativity sparks and inspirations can be easily said to have come from all sort of sources; like articles on the newspaper, speeches on the television or random strangers talking on the train.

Yet, we don’t seem to be able to pinpoint where exactly all those come from.
Just as when everyone can be looking at the same media, but, maybe only one person got the inspiration to start a business from what he saw.

Is it reasonable to state that he got the inspiration from the media he looked at?
If so, how come the others didn’t manage to get the same inspiration from looking at the same media?

Information Processing

Once a writer gets inspired and starts to write his / her article, pieces of information magically lined themselves up in a readable fashion for the audiences to appreciate.

During the writing process, by simply focusing on the topic, word by word swam themselves into the writer’s mind from nowhere and then gets projected onto the platform that was used to pass on the information.
Fairly similar to that of a psychic medium focusing on getting mystical downloads of information from the unknown world and then expressing them through any means; like speech, letters, or actions.

Both the psychic medium and the writer display the same trait of focusing in a certain way to gather the information from an unknown place during the process of outputting information to the world.

Medium Is For Writers

Whether we accept writing as a form of channeling or not, we definitely can’t ignore the similarity of the work process of a psychic medium and a writer.
Also, both of which are contributing to the sharing of wisdom and knowledge to benefit the world in their own special ways.
All in all, even if a writer isn’t a medium, medium is still a place for writers to write and for readers to read.



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