My Idea Of How The World Should Be

My selfish desire that can make the world a paradise to live in.

In the world where anything that appears to be bad can be something good while anything that appears to be good can be something bad, I am unable to determine if I am a good or bad person. One thing which is for sure is that I am a selfish person.

In my selfishness to want the best for myself, I want to create my world filled with happiness & bliss. For that to happen, I must first discover my happiness & bliss because only a happy person can create a happy place. Afterward, I can multiply these happiness & bliss and fill my world with them.

To make the creation faster, I will need help from others who believe in the idea; those who found their happiness & bliss and those in the process of finding their happiness & bliss. It will be natural for those who have found their happiness & bliss to be able to build a world of happiness & bliss. Those who are still in the process may require some assistance to find happiness & bliss first, which may require them to break themselves out of their usual thought patterns. In order to break their usual thought patterns, new perspectives will be necessary to be introduced to them. Once they managed to have a change in perspective, a happy mood can be induced and be kept.

Therefore, there will be more happy and blissful people in the world who will fill my world with happiness & bliss, while, at the same time, have their own world filled with happiness & bliss.




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E For Expression

Exploring different ways of expressions: Instagram:

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