My Understanding Of “There Is No Spoon.” From The Matrix Movie

It is linked to the source of everything in my existence.

E For Expression
2 min readAug 11, 2020

As I observe the things around me, I realized that the source of everything is made up of ideas. Apparent or not, everything is labeled because of the idea of using names to categorize and everything is created from an idea of it.

For example, a spoon is only a spoon because we instilled the idea of a spoon (name, shapes, patterns, colors, functions, etc.) in us. If not, there will be no spoon and that thing will exist as something else. Then, it leads to the next question: where do the ideas come from?

Obviously, ideas come from us, humans. At the same time, when ideas caused issues, the source of the ideas unwittingly become the grandparents of the issues. Also, how these may and may not be issues are based upon the perception of the matter. Hence, being the one perceiving these as issues may just be the source of the issues due to perceiving those one-sidedly as issues.

And, in the Matrix Movie, “Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.” is another statement given by the boy. This statement strengthens the idea of how the state of mind can change how reality is.

For a literal example; in the case of becoming drunk, the world becomes topsy turvy, while in the case of making myself giddy from spinning myself in circles, the world continues turning even when I have become stationary.

Therefore, my understanding is that the source of everything is us, who give births to ideas that are used to explain, create, and alter the world. And, once we realized that we are the ones creating and altering uncountable parts of our reality, we will gain the freedom to change many things to however we wish to a yet-to-known extent.