Obviously, Ghosts, Aliens, And Other Entities May Just Be Beside Us…

Because our visual and audible frequency ranges are limited as explained by science.

It has been reported that the human visual frequency range is about 400 to 800 THz while the human audible range is about 15–17 kHz. As such, anything that exists outside those ranges may not be experienced by a human through auditory or visual. Despite so, the human body has many other senses that are in place that assist in navigation within the ever-unfolding world.

In the esoteric field, much information about the human body being able to do extraordinary feats have intrigued both skeptics and dreamers. This triggering information may be hard to be accepted by the common due to the beliefs formed by experienced limitations. However, that doesn’t stop the curious from experimenting and finding the truth behind the matter with the chance of being labeled as crazy by the incurious critics.

Nevertheless, reports of unexplained or claimed-to-be-unexplainable phenomena have hinted at the chances of existence beyond our current experiences and understanding. Therefore, it is illogical to rule out such a possibility just because of our lack of knowledge. And, brushing the matter aside simply by categorizing it within our beliefs would keep us within the walls of what we know.

Hence, as the things that we see and hear are only a part of the vast world, we can always choose to maneuver around in our lives while basking within the barricade of our experiences or inquisitively open our minds to the possibility of existence beyond which may just be maneuvering around beside us.



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