Our Present Experience Is Based On How We Use The Pieces Of Our Past

Our present experience is ours to create.

Often, through the identification of only a few components of the present and, then, linking the components by using pieces of our past, we can make up our experience of the present moment.

Similarly, if we identify that we need to store food, depending on the past way that we store food, we may end up having boxes of food, bags of food, or food storage sheds.

At the same time, it can sound ridiculous to end up with bubbles of food or books of food because bubble and book aren’t pieces of our past that are used to link storage and food (components identified).

Even so, it doesn’t mean that it is not plausible.

Nevertheless, most parts of the present moment can be a creation of ours.

Pleasant or not, our present experience may simply be dependent on the way that we choose to use the pieces of our past.



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