‘The Middle Way’ Is Not Just A Way Of Life

It may just also be nature’s law.

In all forms of objects, it is said that there is a composite of feminine and masculine energy. Governed by natural law, those energies are being kept in equilibrant. In the case when the masculine energy is excessive, there will be a natural introduction of feminine energy or reduction of masculine energy to create a balance. Also, the process of the introduction of masculine energy or reduction of feminine energy will occur when there is excessive feminine energy.

At the same time, in this hypothesis, feminine energy may be treated as equivalent to spiritual energy while masculine energy can be treated as equivalent to physical or material energy. Therefore, in the cultivation of spirituality, material wealth may be attracted into one’s life due to nature’s way of balancing itself. Similarly, in the achievement of material abundance, spirituality may also be bestowed upon the individual after the achievement.

However, in being immersed in spirituality and neglecting the materialism aspects of life, one will forgo the necessities of life and bring forth physical suffering to oneself. On the other hand, fully indulged in materialism brings forth mental suffering from the loss of sensitivity to life from overstimulation. Hence, there is a requirement for a balance between spirituality and materialism, and not only focusing on one aspect to ensure that there is no unnecessary form of suffering.

Interestingly, the act of balancing spirituality and materialism is similar to the ‘The Middle Way’ as introduced by Gautama Buddha; a way of life that avoids the extremities to end all suffering. Therefore, within my understanding, the answer to ending all suffering and to living wealthily may just be to let go of being forcefully focused on spirituality or materialism and to be living attuned to nature’s flow that may automatically balance itself. Concurrently, in my opinion, as it is natural for anyone or anything to constantly put itself in balance, ‘The Middle Way’ may not just be a way of life, but, also, nature’s law.



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