The Social Game.

That we would like to stop playing.

The social game is as such that you have to follow a standard to be deemed acceptable.

As a result, anything out of it will be ostracized.

However, the standards change from people to people.

And, the cling to these standards can give a sense of superiority due to it requiring some sort of discipline.

Despite having discipline, failure to see beyond the barrier of the personal scope of vision doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else.

Hence, a criticism comes as an invitation for another to join in the game to keep the invitee on the same playing field as the inviter.

At the same time, a refusal to play along unacknowledges the inviter, which can make the inviter feel childish to be the only one playing the game.

Therefore, as we stop playing those games, be prepared for invitations to come.



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