There Are Living Creatures In Most Of Our Food, But, I Still Choose To Take Vegetarian Meals.

Because it is not about cruelty to living creatures.

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3 min readOct 13, 2022


Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

As a representative of…,
I doubt anyone knows about the entirety of the human body.

And, in regards to eating,
even though we have done enough research to know the probability of certain effects occurring from consuming certain substances,
no one knows absolutely about the effects each food item brings to each body.

However, as we may only know if anything works through experimentation,
that does not stop anyone of us from following diet trends and whatnot.

So, as for myself,
I choose to follow a vegetarian diet.
And, as all choices are often made through gathering of information and reasoning,
so, perhaps, is my choice.

So, let’s start off with a little background information about me:

My non-vegetarian parents pray to Guan Yin,
a Goddess of compassion, mercy and kindness who is vegetarian,
and consume meat everyday.
Also, even though my non-vegetarian siblings don’t pray,
they consume meat everyday.
And, I wasn’t a vegetarian until about 6–7 years ago.

Since I was able to chew,
I was raised with meat-eating habits.
Since I was age of single digit,
medias that I were exposed to have shown me the cruelty of animal farming.
But, it wasn’t a good enough a reason to give up a beloved chicken drumlet.

As time goes by,
more and more reasons to stop eating meat uncovered;
some health concerns like farming of animals causes harm to the environment and consumption of meat may cause health problems due to the antibodies fed to the animals and due to the toxins generated in the bodies when the animals are stressed.
Additionally, some spiritual concerns such as accumulation of hefty karma from killing living beings,
which includes insects,
and inheriting the aggressive part of the live stock into oneself.
But, we may argue that killing plants are killing something alive too.

At the same time,
it is examined that the natural attributes of body structure are unsuitable for meat digestion regardless if the meat is torn into small parts and cooked.
Also, besides reports,
if we use microscopes to examine our food,
there are chances that there are many tiny creatures,
which are invisible to our eyes,
residing in there,
especially in factory processed food.
Fortunately, most are dead.

However, my change of diet did not happen despite having all those information.
Surprisingly, the turning point was after I finished a 5 days fast,
when I got rid of some parasites that were living in my body and my taste buds got reset.
That was when I eventually felt repelled by the texture and taste of meat and decided for the change.

Therefore, despite all the reasons that I have gathered,
my choice of vegetarian meals started just because of my pickiness.
Just as reason and logic are derived from myriad experience,
reason and logic may not rationalize my impromptu choice at that singular point.
Regardless, in alignment with all the reasons supporting a meatless diet,
I am glad that I did what I did.