This Is The Source Of Why We Get Irritated

It is our survival mechanism.

It is common to be irritated or angry over some things, events, or actions that we observed on a day to day basis. Fortunately, such reactions can be easily dealt with as those may have arisen because of certain expectations.

Expecting that a certain action will lead to a certain outcome can, sometimes, create disapproval of other actions. The act of disapproval may be an instinctual survival response to protect ourselves as an uncertain action can be perceived as a risk that may end up in devastating outcomes.

Usually, our expectations stem from the beliefs that we hold dear to our hearts. When we believe in something, we may narrow our views to seeing the world as only black and white as following our beliefs can become the only safe way to live and any uncertain things outside our beliefs can endanger us. Therefore, when something happens outside our beliefs, a survival response comes as a form of feeling irritated or angry as we perceived danger.

Nevertheless, as everyone has a personal experience regarding each matter, it can be difficult to comprehend experiences that have never been experienced. As a result, we can be skeptical and treat those experiences as pseudo when those are being shared. Thus, we may come up with different conclusions which may lead to misunderstandings and conflicts as we believe in different ideas.

Incidentally, beliefs can shape our experiences just as our experiences can shape our beliefs. As beliefs are simply habitual thought patterns, if we practice thinking in a certain way for long enough, it will become a second nature to think in that way. At the same time, it can confuse us about what is real and what is not when we are unaware.

Aware or not, affirmations have been used by us to create beliefs by practicing thinking in certain manners. Since the time of our birth, we are constantly taking in affirmations from our surroundings, especially from people close to us. After long periods of exposure to those affirmations, it is easy to create a belief that is aligned with those. However, to identify those may require conscious effort.

In the event where we fall victim to our beliefs, it is common to be unaware of it and point fingers on something else instead. However, in the realization of it, we can root out the source of our suffering simply by practicing another thought. In other words, we can replace beliefs that are harmful to us with beneficial ones with some thinking practices.

All in all, as it may be inevitable that we have our beliefs and beliefs will be challenged from time to time which may lead to triggering some unglamorous things within us, it is in our choice as to whether to allow it to govern our lives. Simply put, even though we may not seem to be able to manage our environment in the way that we desire every moment, we can manage the most important part of us that may ruin our day just because of a cup of spilled milk.



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