We Can Make An Impact (Our Actions Are Contagious)

Our insignificant actions are affecting the world…

Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, dress up, and proceed for work.
Even though this seemingly routine lifestyle doesn’t seem to affect anyone else but ourselves, it may just not be exactly so.

The butterfly effect in chaos theory has attempted to explain the interconnection of everything in existence.
Even though everything in this world may just be connected to everything else, many of our actions may have been taken as a pinch of salt.
It is easy to neglect the fact that every small action we take will accumulate in an unnoticed way and eventually lead to an outcome knowingly or not.
Hence, many a time, we are surprised by the situations that happened due to an accumulation of numerous small actions taken by us, yet we think that it is just bad luck or a mere coincidence.

Every Action Counts

Just as how buildings are being constructed, food being produced or a baby being birth, it all started off with a series of small actions which then becomes the full realization of the result over a period of time.

At the same time, certain actions; such as waving our hands, turning our heads, or shaking our legs, may seem insignificant yet those do affect the surrounding at the molecule level which may eventually lead to something unexpected.
It may seem as though the molecules that are being pushed by our hands while we wave does no impact on anything or anyone of us, it is definitely not the case.

For instance; if there are viruses and harmful bacteria in the surrounding air, the seemingly harmless act of waving our hands may knock those towards the direction of a victim in the vicinity.
Once caught by the victim, the victim becomes sick and may end up having the need to approach a doctor.
Before seeing the doctor, the victim may have to come in contact with the nurses and other possible patients who are also waiting to see the doctor. During the period of the victim’s sickness, multiple people involved in the victim’s life, be it family members or a passerby, may be caught on to the sickness too if they are in close proximity to the victim.
Hence, repeating the cycle of spreading on the sickness.

It may seem kind of ridiculous as the probability of such a case happening from a wave of a hand seems to be insignificant.
Despite that, we also can’t deny the possibility of it happening as the chances are undetermined too, which may be due to the lack of studies on it.
Even if the wave of a hand doesn’t matter, multiple examples in history have shown how one victim is capable of spreading the sickness which leads to creating thousands or millions of other victims accidentally.
Therefore, the potential of one being able to affect millions is definitely something not to be neglected.

Intended Actions = Intended Outcome (Obviously)

As easy as it seems to put blame on other things or people when unfortunate circumstances happen to us, some of these bad luck may just be due to our irresponsibility to our actions.

As an accumulation of many small actions can eventually lead to an outcome of some sort, the responsibility towards the intention of each action has the possibility of affecting the outcome.

Let’s say when our intention is to bake a simple bread and the recipe requires an amount of 100 grams of flour & 60 grams of water; if we casually use 90 grams instead of 100 grams of flour and 70 grams of water instead of 60 grams, we may end up with a something wetter than the bread we intended to make.
However, if we keep the amount of flour used strictly to 100 grams but allow a relaxed approach of using 65 grams of water, we may still end up creating the bread that we intended.

In this simple example, the point to bring across is that when all actions are not aligned to the intention, the outcome will not be the way as intended. Fortunately, even with a slight misalignment of some actions, it is still possible to end up with an intended outcome.
Also, obviously, with all actions aligned, it will definitely result in the intended outcome.

However, before we even start aligning our actions, we need to be clear of what the intended outcome is.
If we want to live without the possibility of unpredictable happening of unfortunate circumstances, what will our intention be?
*This is a trick question.*

Creating Our World

From understanding that our actions can ripple into the world like dropping a stone in a stagnant pond, no matter whether we like it or not, we are constantly making impacts on the world knowingly or unknowingly.
At the same time, we have the power to change the impacts that we make through aligning our actions with our intentions.

Just as a group of children playing together, if a child starts to laugh the others may start laughing along as well.
To create a world full of laughter & joy, be the first to laugh.



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