Within the sphere of infinite possibilities, we are casting spells with the magic wands that infuse different colored potions upon random paper manuals. Under the sun, the moon, and the stars, our magic streams into the manifestation of the world of our inner desires. Zillion stars may have dimmed, but, not the everlasting flames of the passion for life. In the depth of the everchanging form, lies a fundamental being which holds all truth to existence. In the midst of the search, we conjured a web of perplexing systems that binds the reality with imagination. Accidentally ruled by the structure created by self, losing grip of what truly matters, the fall into the abyss starts cycles of meaninglessness. Upon the realization of the falsehood, an exit out of the seemly endless loop opens. Reaching back at where it all started, the limitless creations continues.



Exploring different ways of expressions: www.amazon.com/dp/B09X3TPLGD Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.for.expression/

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