What Are You?

Here’s my idea of what you and I are.

E For Expression
2 min readJul 5, 2020

Many times we question our existence in this world. But, no answers have yet come close or, perhaps, at most, no clear answers have been given by those who seem to know. Despite so, certain ideas have managed to fulfill some of the missing gaps within our longing to know. One of the concepts that is constantly being explored is the consciousness of human beings. Even though many speculations and imaginations are revolving around it, all there is is still foggy and mysterious. Due to that, ideas are being constantly introduced in the hope to expand our knowledge and understanding of existence. Therefore, here’s another idea of consciousness and existence to be introduced and explored.

The idea is that existence is a limitless consciousness and each of us is consciousness restricted by a certain body. This body is like an ever-expanding bubble-like container floating in the limitless consciousness. The amount & type of consciousness encompassed by each body makes up our individuality. As that body expands, our consciousness expands, as our consciousness expands, the body expands. Once the body pops, we will die and our consciousness merges with the limitless consciousness. Hence, all of us are essentially part of a whole that has been separated by a body.

Therefore, in all of us being part of a whole, it is similar to me being the right hand and you being the left hand of the body; if I break down, someone will have to take up my responsibilities; if someone breaks down, I may have to take on the responsibilities. When we hurt each other, none of us benefits as we end up having to take on each other’s responsibilities. In order to prevent taking on additional responsibilities, what we may need is to assist and heal each other when only needed. At the same time, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves in shape. Hence, in this context, the only necessary thing is the sole attention to our responsibilities to benefit the whole and ourselves.

However, explaining a reality that only seems to exist in our imagination and not within our experiences can feel far fetched which can easily be refused. Despite that, any information that feels concrete enough for just a person will be worth sharing regardless of others’ experiences as it may just add the missing piece of the puzzle to the mystery of this existence. Therefore, in my opinion, my sharing of this idea that is felt strongly in the core of my being is my contribution to the existing archive, in the hope to fill a void in the ever seeking hearts.