What If The World Is A Puzzle That Requires A Piece Of It From Each Of Us?

Then, it will be important to express ourselves freely.

How many times did we find ourselves arguing with another over what is correct and what is wrong? In our field of vision, we are always the correct ones regardless of any situation. Only until we come to a new way of seeing, we will not be able to accept that there were flaws in our previous understanding. So, in order to attain another perspective of a matter, there will be a need for additional information to be processed by us. The additional information that we need may often come from the unknown that others may know about. If this is the case, does it mean that each of us is usually only seeing a part of the world?

As we move through this vast world full of the unknown, we can easily mistake that only what we have seen is real & correct, and anything outside our knowledge is considered to be wrong. However, with input from others, we can attain a better picture of a matter than before; just as if each person can only see one side of a cube, and if each of them shares their perspectives on it, they may be able to know how the cube looks like. So, does it mean that there is a chance to figure out what the world is really like if we match up all our perspectives of the world?

As questions often lead to more questions, we may never know until we try and experience it for ourselves. In other words, if everyone expressed themselves freely, we may understand whether if we can figure out the world is like. However, there are certain issues that are faced by many of us when it comes to expression.

Freedom of expression has been often stated to be available to every one of us. But, beneath the surface of this ideal statement conceals an invisible restraining system. Running in the background is the constant directing of ‘do this’ and ‘do that not’ from varied sources. Thus, expressions may never be truly free.

Usual than not, emotions are released through self-expression that may appear in multiple forms. In the suppression of expression, it is as good as suppressing emotions. When the suppression of emotions is constantly done over time, it may give birth to psychological issues. So, how do we prevent this mishap from happening over and over again?

The answer may be simple. It may all starts from ourselves. As we express ourselves freely, others will be inclined to express themselves as well through our examples. However, there are chances that we may come across too strongly or too weakly which may cause misunderstandings. Despite that, there will be people who will attempt to understand and people who will understand. At the same time, those who understand will join in the play in this boundless playground.

With the idea of power comes in numbers, through our freedom from bondage, we may display a glimpse of hope for the restrained to break away from the imaginary cage. With a witnessing of what freedom truly means, once an opportunity arises, chains may be released for the soaring towards a clear sky; similar to a seed planted in fertile soil, once a rainfall occurs, there will be a chance of it sprouting into a blooming plant. In this regard, we may, then, have more expressions to fit out parts of the puzzle of the world and become closer to knowing what the world really is like.



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