What We See Is What We Are Tuned To See

We can change what we are tuned to.

Usually, unknowingly, we are constantly emitting multiple signals like a telecom station. Everywhere that we go will have an imprint of our signals. Our signals that we emit can tell others the traits of us; like character traits, personality, physical traits, etc. Besides sending signals, we are also capable of receiving signals.

Like a radio, it can only play the channel it is tuned to, we receive signals in a similar way too. What we perceive in others are the signals that we are tuned to. When we are in a positive state of mind, whoever we come into contact with will appear to be positive to us and vice visa. For instance; the popular half-filled cup thought experiment displays how the negative mindset should perceive the cup as half empty while the positive mindset should perceive the cup as half-filled.

Broadening Our Perspectives

As we broaden our perspectives, we become capable of perceiving just a thing in more and more ways. With the multiple views upon a subject, we can choose which parts to focus on at different moments to benefit ourselves the most. However, most of us are inclined to focus on the parts that we perceived to have the potential to endanger our survival. This inclination is most likely a natural instinct of ours to ensure our survival, but, not always is it beneficial to us.

Sometimes it becomes our obsessive habit of only focusing mostly on the negative aspect of everything that we come in contact with while neglecting the various perspectives present. This unbalance may often be the cause of most issues in our lives.

Making The Effort

For a person who often thinks about the negative aspects will naturally see it commonly in the surroundings; similar to that of seeing faces in pictures which were not drawn with the intent of having faces or in cars where the light looks like the eyes. If we constantly exposed ourselves to certain imageries or patterns, we will naturally seek them out in our surroundings. Unfortunately, once we were exposed to those, it becomes difficult to tune ourselves away from seeing them whether we want to or not. However, if we want to, efforts can be made to tune in to more than one or other perspectives of the matter of attention.

To have a change or add a new perspective, we must be willing to accept that we do not have the full picture of that matter and be willing to seek out new information on that matter. Once we are able to release the attachment to only seeing from our old perspective, some time may be required to gain knowledge for a new perspective to be formed on the matter.

A Change For The Better

Fortunately, what is seen usually can’t be unseen. Once a new perspective is formed, the old perspective may stay, but, with no or less impact than before on making us feel a certain way. As we managed to add new perspectives to receive signals for ourselves to tune to, we have more choices to choose from.

As there are unknown amounts of signals that can be picked from just one object, limiting ourselves to only a few non-beneficial ones is definitely not wise. Keeping ourselves open to new signals will keep us free from being contained inside a bubble of narrow mindedness.




Exploring different ways of expressions: www.amazon.com/dp/B09X3TPLGD Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.for.expression/

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E For Expression

E For Expression

Exploring different ways of expressions: www.amazon.com/dp/B09X3TPLGD Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.for.expression/

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