Why Are You In A Container?

E For Expression
2 min readMay 20, 2020

Yes, you are and it’s not just you.

The concept of labeling things gives meaning to the thing which provides a clear understanding of how the thing is like. However, the labels used may end up with misunderstandings when used in communication as everyone may contain different meanings inside the same label.

For example; a snack can be referred to as nuts, chips, or food in general. If someone who always snack on chips may usually get the idea of chips when the word ‘snack’ is mentioned. Whereas, a person who always snack on nuts may often get the idea of nuts when the word ‘snack’ is mentioned. Hence, a miscommunication may occur between a person who snacks on chips and a person who snack on nuts when mentioning about snacks.

When labels are placed upon humans, sometimes it gets complicated. One of the ideas of labeling human is such that it is easy to identify the specialists in specific areas for certain works of the world. However, humans ain’t just limited to that which is identified by the labels as they are much more than that.

The unfortunate thing is the forgetting of the meaning of usage of the labels which end up making humans become identified with the labels; thinking that humans are exactly as the labels upon them. When the human becomes identified with the labels, the human lost many parts of the human aspects; It is similar to trying to put a waterfall into a cup and, then, stating the water in the cup is a waterfall. It may work metaphorically, but, it is definitely not what it is.

Undermining the limitless potential by containing it inside a limited container is something that we sometimes do unintentionally. Luckily, no one truly feels fulfilled totally when being boxed inside a container. Humans are ever-expanding beings, so, when being prevented from expanding, it will create the desire to remove themselves from the containers to continue their expansion. Nevertheless, the removal of the container can be done consciously so as to be free to expand without realizing the need for the removal only after experiencing the suffocating pain of being stuck in the container.

In the world where labels must be necessary for the efficient functioning of the world, it can’t be avoided that humans will be constantly be labeled. However, the freedom of humans is not supposed to be contained. Humans should recognize that the labels are not what define them but a tool to identify certain aspects of them for leveraging & benefiting each other. The container of labels is a place for access & exit for humans and not as a safe shelter for them to hide in.