Why Can’t We See The Truth?

E For Expression
2 min readMay 24, 2020

Are we assuming too much?

Upon observation, we can notice that how we maneuver around the world is through the projection of an assumption upon the exterior world that is based on the past experience which we experienced. It is similar to projecting an assumption on a certain switch being able to switch on certain lights just because we experienced that it worked.

In cases where the unknown is observed, it seems like an instinctive behavior to find familiar patterns to what is known to try to fit the unknown into it. It is similar to that of trying to fit a spider into the category of the insect if the spider is observed without the knowledge of spiders & arachnids. This is something that was applied to people constantly with or without knowing.

This instinctive behavior sometimes may create misunderstandings or miscommunications; like a mug being misinterpreted as a mug. The idea of what the word ‘mug’ means is dependent on one’s previously acquired knowledge and experiences, hence, one’s idea of a mug may differ from another’s. So, it can be tricky to put the meaning across from one to another if both have different past experiences of what a mug is.

Whatsoever, even though it would be nice to see the truth instead of the projection of assumptions upon the living and the non-living, it seems uncertain as to how we would be able to do so. The reasonable thing to do for the many of us who don’t have a clue to seeing the truth may just have to accept the many different viewpoints, which may lead to different understandings of the world, to reduce the friction from misunderstandings or communications. At the same time, continue seeking knowledge & experiences to extend ourselves to much more possibility that is beyond our imagination such that the truth may then reveal itself to us.