Winning The Jackpot May Just Be A Matter Of Choice

Winning may not be about probability…

Ever wish that you would be able to hit the jackpot and then start swimming in the pool of satisfaction?
However, the chance of hitting the jackpot is considered to be extremely slim as it may be rigged in favor of the owner of the machine.
This chance of winning is often calculated by using theoretical means and records of the past wins and losses.

Based on probability, we can determine how profitable a jackpot machine can be.
At the same time, concluding why playing may not be worth our time.
Despite knowing the favor is against us, there are still people all around the world enjoying their time with these money-sucking machines.
Why is that so? 🤔

The ‘High’ From Jackpot Machines

Most games revolve around creating excitement and rewarding experiences for the players to get them hooked for as long as possible and jackpot machines are of no exception too.

It plays with the idea of getting rewarded after working through some tough nuts which then results in a form of satisfaction & achievement in the players.
The players will constantly be challenged in the form of losing while then experience a euphoric moment when even a small win happens, which then keeps the players craving for more of such wonderful moments.
As such addicts are being created.

The Probability Game

Despite the unfair probability that is there, we may be neglecting a certain aspect of our abilities that may be able to turn things in our favor.

For instance:
Let’s say there are 3 colored cubes (red, yellow & blue) in a blocked box;
We are supposed to pick a cube randomly from the box and, somehow, the red ball is picked.
The supposed probability is of 1/3 for getting each ball yet the red cube is picked and not the others.
What is it that made the selection of the red cube and not the others? 🤔

May Not Be What It Seems

As simple as the scenario may seem like, there are certain conditions that may have been overlooked. Multiple different hypotheses may come into play to explain why one of the three with the same probability is being picked.

Out of many, the one that stands out the most is the neglected subconscious mind that seemly able to detect every little thing that’s happening in the surroundings. If it is able to know about things that we are not conscious about, would it have already known about the positions of each cube in the blocked box before we even touched the cubes? 🧐

With the involvement of the subconscious which seems to already know where each cube is, is it no longer a game of probability but a matter of choice? 🤔



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