You Are Your Practice

At least, that’s what we assume…

“Who am I?” is an abstract question that changes according to situations. Even though we have many qualities including ever-changing interests and traits, we often introduce ourselves as our occupations. With this introduction, the preconceived idea of the occupation is being retrieved from the new friend’s memory. Hence, the idea of our occupation may not be the same as the others’ idea of it due to our different memories of it. As such, our occupation shouldn’t be a fair definition of ourselves.

Concurrently, we are often showcasing our past achievements and actions to assert the idea of ourselves upon the audiences. However, what we can achieve at this moment isn’t totally dependent on what we had achieved in the past. Even so, it can be usual for us to simply jump to a conclusion about the current capability of a person based upon assumptions without fact-checking the conditions required for the occurrence of the previous feats. As a result, the unrealized misjudgment of characters may have ended up being a common thing.

Incidentally, as we try to define another, we may also use the repeated behaviors of another to associate it with a specific personality. In other words, we may end up fixing another to a personality based on the observed habits. However, habits are simply thoughts and actions that we practiced consistently. Thus, with consistent practice, we can project personalities of our choice to the world and threaten the definition of ourselves that is based on our previous practice.

Nevertheless, the ideas of the thing that we are may only be considered as partial truth. Undeniably, ideas such as souls, extensions of god, virtually simulated characters, etc. have similarities that assist in the explaining of the unknown phenomenon of our existence and identity. Unfortunately, these wordful descriptions of ourselves may still sometimes put others in a daze due to the different points of view. Even with a total experience of the exact thing that we are, our personal understanding may only be explained in our own terms and not others’.

Despite so, the personality that is tagged to everyone is for the efficiency in our communication. However, an irrational attachment to a specific personality may create rigidity that is harmful during unfavorable conditions due to the desire to cling on playing the personality. Therefore, an understanding of the difference between practicality and reality may be required to distinguish between what we need to be and what we truly are. As a result, everyone may not be misunderstood as simply things that everyone does and be respected as an undefinable individual who is multifaceted and adaptable.



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