You Can Make Abundance By Being You

For each of us is unique…

It is easy to neglect the fact that each individual is occupying a space that no one else can at each moment in time.
However, the individuality is often being buried by our society or our community as we are to conform to certain standards to be considered normal and individual starts to lose sight of themselves.

Confined By Rules

Being normal is considered the only way to survive well in this world.
In this case, normal means blending into the man-made environment; rules, dogmas, and regulations.

For instance; in school, if a student broke a rule, he can easily be treated as an oddball or a criminal.
After the punishment, he will have a stigma being tagged to him.
If he ever break the rule again, he may receive harsher punishments than before or boycotted for the stigma he attained.
So, to keep himself away from these harms, he will have to conform to the rule which is to be normal in a certain way.

That doesn’t mean that the rule is there to harm him.
In fact, some rules are there to protect him from certain dangers that may be hidden from plain sight.
Just that, those punishments that were carried out may come in a lighter form than what could have truly happened.
Even though it is true that rules are created by humans to control humans to prevent chaos, sometimes, those end up restricting the potential of human capabilities.

In the student’s case, he may end up being confined in the thought that the world is run by the same rule that the school has, which may not be the case.
At the same time, he may not be able to express a certain unique side of himself that is held back by the rules that he adheres to.
After locking himself by the rules over a period of time, he may not be able to put his natural unique gifts into good use and may even start to think that part of him isn’t him.

Opinions Of Who You Are

In a world full of humans pretending to be robots, our first examples of what we are to do here and how we are supposed to live are modeled according to the systematic machines of that time.
Almost everyone else is telling us what is a must and what is a must-not which can be simply be based on repeated information with not enough or no solid grounds.
With the constant feeding as we grow, we gradually put on layers upon layers of what was expected from others while burying an opinionated part of ourselves.

After burying the opinionated part which can be addressed as the part that wants to explore and experience the truth, we become unable to differentiate what is the truth and what isn’t.
And so, to be safe, taking on what seems to be the safest path as everyone else has taken is concluded to be the best choice.
Hence, no matter of much time has passed, within us are multiple layers of ways to act that isn’t originally ours.
Unless we choose to do something about it, we will stay as impostors for the most part of our lives.

Being Who You Are

Surrounded by sea of opinions and then be tempted to become copycats can easily cause a misalignment from nature which is irreplaceable.
This misalignment causes a loss of touch of the unique innate gifts of ourselves that is to be shared with everyone.

To know the distinction between the knowledge of self and the distorted viewpoint of others may simply be the feeling of authenticity when the statement is made and received.
If we can understand that what we truly want is actually aligned with what we enjoy and excel in we may be able to remove our doubts & fears.
Which in turn propels us towards embracing the nature of our own unique abilities.

Once clarity of the self is present, working with the innate gifts that we have will provide us with much ease & enjoyment, due to it being something that we are naturally skilled in.
At the same time, being uniquely gifted in that field move us towards the abundant lives that we deserve as no one else can replace us.

The Light That Lights The Light In Others

Once we uncover that core part of us that we have been hiding for a long period of time, the brightness of it does require some time for ourselves to acclimatize to.
However, once we are used to and accept this light within us, we may also light up the others who are still in the dark.



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