You Will Never Live Your Ideal Life

Unless you start focusing.

All of us most probably have a certain idea of how our ideal lives are like. Unfortunately, in our waking life, most of us are not living it. As chasing dreams requires the courage to go against the norm, not many have the courage to do so. So, often, we settle for less than what we are capable of.

However, that doesn’t stop us from continuing to dream about the life that we want. Even though it may seem unreachable, ironically, we still do try to improve our lives on a small scale. Moment to moment, consciously or not, we are planning and making our environment a comfortable state to have a sense of security and peace of mind. Nevertheless, little do we know, most of our insecurity comes not from our environment, but, from our imagination.

In our belief that we have to constantly prepare for the future, we created a habit for us to imagine all the possible dangers that we need to prevent anytime and anywhere. Trapped in the ever thinking of the endless possibilities, it is easy to neglect the achievements that have been made to have allowed us to be in our current state of living.

In the present, we have already created a system that supplies us with necessities to survive. All that is needed for us to be in comfort is already with us, yet, we continue to swim in the pool of insecurity. To not be able to taste the fruits our labor with joy, due to being distracted by the ever-unfolding future, doesn’t seem like a wonderful way to live our lives.

Whether we are living our ideal lives or not, most of us want security, comfort, and joy. In the idea of only being able to have those feelings by getting our desires, we have created a habit of feeling the opposite as we focus on the absence of what we desire. Fortunate or not, it is what we focus upon that brings out the feeling that we are having and not from the things that we get. when we get the things that we desire, our focus got shifted to the fulfillment of the desire which then generates nice feelings. So, by changing our focus, we can feel the way we want to feel.

Therefore, instead of being constantly jittery in the never-ending game of risk prevention, our sense of security and peace of mind can be attained through our choice of focus. At the same time, what seems to be an unreachable ideal is simply because of the focus being upon the impossibility rather than the possibility. With proper focus, clarity will be attained which will lead to feeling courageous to pursuing and achieving our desires including our ideal lives. Then, dreams will no longer be dreams, but, a reality in the making.




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