Your Network =/= Your Net Worth

Your worth will attract your network.

The well-marketed idea of “Your network is your net worth.” has made many run around in search of the rich. However, to connect to the network of the rich, often one needs to be rich. After all, most likely, no one will network with someone without worth.

Therefore, in contradiction to the idea, the networks of one may simply be the result of one’s worth. In other words, one has to focus on building one’s worth instead of only attempting to connect to others of high net worth to attain the desired success. As such, to build one’s worth, there may be a need to identify and understand the makeup of one’s worth.

As similar to any human concept, one’s worth can be a variable, which depends on the perception of the perceiver. In other words, by applying different conditions to the concept, the worth of one can vary. For example, if one is to be worthed by one’s past works, the possible gauge for one’s worth may be the total amount of time spent, money earned, and impacts created.

Similarly, if one is worthed by one’s body, perhaps breaking down a body into the fundamental form, which is currently energy, for measurements and comparisons may simplify the worth of one. At the same time, if one is not just one’s body but something esoteric, maybe measuring either in terms of the experience and concentration of the soul or in terms of the strength of the auric field may get some viable results.

Thus, the fixation of one’s worth to a quantized value may be an understatement. Also, it may be an unfair comparison to the true essence of a human, whose consciousness is ever-expanding.

Nevertheless, even if “Your network is your net worth.” is true, in the validity of the idea of six degrees of separation, it may mean that everyone is already connected to the same network. Hence, since everyone is connected to everyone else, no one can be worthless and everyone may worth pretty much the same as everyone else.

Therefore, the popular statement may simply be misunderstood as a method to become successful instead of being understood as solely an idea of a tool for the measurement of one’s worth. As such, one’s success should be attained by aligning with the natural laws of human selection rather than attaining success through the unnatural human act of parasitism.



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